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Toddler Programs

Boy in Art Class


At Learn & Play Enrichment Academy, students enter our Early Toddler Program at the age of one, then move into our Older Toddler Program at the age of two. Our school offers three early toddler classrooms, (EPIC, Playful Pandas and Roaring Lions) that are specifically designed to meet the developmental needs of our early toddlers. Learn and Play also offers 3 older toddler classrooms (Mighty Tots, Fireflies and Safari Station) that are designed to continue where our early toddler rooms left off! Our classroom floor plans are open, bright and filled with opportunities to develop each child’s physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and sensory skills.

Our Toddlers have their very own outside playground filled with toys and activities that will stimulate their gross motor skills and social interaction through hands-on learning. Our toddlers also have an inside soft playground where they can crawl and play with a wide array of soft play pieces that are perfect for their new found exploration.

Toddlers are eager to learn through our structured academic and faith-based curriculum. Each week students will be introduced to numbers, letters, colors, shapes, art, songs and Bible stories that will continue helping them build their own educational foundation. Learning continues from circle times, to play times, to chapel time, allowing students to be continuously stimulated to develop and strengthen new skills and educational building blocks.

We want our parents to have a peace of mind knowing that their child is being loved, nurtured and encouraged to explore the world around them. A day in our toddler rooms includes cognitive development through interactive play, physical development through music and movement, language development through personal interaction, reading and sign language, and “I Love You Rituals” that help create connections. Through Conscious Discipline, we strive to make personal connections with each student, allowing them to feel safe, loved and confident to explore the world around them.

Parent connection is important to us as well. Through the Procare Engage Parent App, parents can follow along with your child’s activities throughout the day. Our teaching team will upload pictures, meal and snack information, nap times, activities and more. Every step of your child’s day allows for opportunities to learn and grow. We want our families to remain connected as we work together to help build your child’s educational foundation!

Learn & Play Enrichment Academy is growing, and our classrooms are quickly reaching their enrollment capacities. 

We would like to encourage you to please visit our preschool for a tour and more information!  

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