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Infant Programs

Red Head Baby


Learn & Play Enrichment Academy understands the importance of quality infant care and education. So many developmental milestones occur in your baby’s first year of life. Every day is a new opportunity to grow and learn. Learn & Play offers 2 classrooms, Tadpoles & Fearless Flyers, solely devoted to providing the best care and the most developmentally appropriate classroom environments that will allow your baby to excel.

From the beginning, our desire is to partner with parents in this exciting new journey. Our infant classroom schedules are designed to allow parents input as to their individual child’s schedule. Our teaching team will work with you on feeding schedules, nap preferences, tummy time and more. As a member of the USDA Food program, parents may choose to accept the formula/milk that we provide at no additional cost. When the time comes, all of our infant food is naturally prepared on site, providing the best nutritional options for our students. Parents may also choose to supply breast milk that can be safely stored and provided here at the center.

We want our new parents to have a peace of mind knowing that their child is being loved, nurtured and encouraged to explore the world around them. A day in our infant rooms includes cognitive development through interactive play, physical development through music and movement, language development through personal interaction, reading and sign language, and “I Love You Rituals” that help create connections. Through Conscious Discipline, we strive to make personal connections with each student, allowing them to feel safe, loved and confident to explore the world around them.

Parent connection is important to us as well. Through the Procare Engage Parent App, parents can follow along with your baby’s activities throughout the day. Our teaching team will upload pictures, bottle and meal information, nap times, activities and more. Every step of your baby’s day allows for opportunities to grow. We want our families to remain connected as we work together to help build your baby’s educational foundation!

Learn & Play Enrichment Academy is growing, and our classrooms are quickly reaching their enrollment capacities. 

We would like to encourage you to please visit our preschool for a tour and more information!  

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