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Meet Our Team!

Learn & Play Enrichment Academy's Administrative Team members collaborate to ensure the fulfillment of our school’s mission. They bring a wealth of experience from diverse fields, earning them respect and appreciation from busy parents and teachers alike.

Our Teachers encourage children to develop their creativity and self-expression while ensuring educational excellence, high expectations, and positive social interaction in a fun, loving and nurturing learning environment. 

Ms. Jen

Ms. Allie

Ms. Casey

Ms. Caybrin

Ms. Melanie

Ms. Sam W.

Ms. Katie L.

Ms. Christy

Ms. Laney

Ms. Lauren

Mr. Gene

Ms. Liz

Ms. Kristy

Ms. Anahi

Ms. Brenda

Ms. Cameron

Ms. Dayana

Ms. Emma

Ms. Heather

Ms. Katie

Ms. Lauren Wh.

Ms. Lindsey

Ms. Makina

Ms. Marianne

Ms. Mariza

Ms. Meredith

Ms. Missy

Ms. Nina

Ms. Paige

Ms. Regg

Ms. Sam G.

Ms. Sarah H.

Ms. Sydney

Ms. Brandi

Ms. Jasmine

Ms. Sarah

Ms. Jazmyn

Ms. Danielle

Ms. Anna

Ms. Ragan

Ms. Zoe

Ms. Hannah H.

Ms. Hannah S.

Ms. Karigan

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Ms. Robin

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